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Semi Finals

The semi finals are here and we have two DAWG teams still fighting hard. The NCYFL has updated their site with the second round of playoffs, scores, standings, etc…….GO DAWGS!!


Come enjoy some Fro-yo

Please come enjoy a night of fro-yo and fun at Just Peachy Frozen Yogurt, to support Mount Vernon Youth Football Association.

Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs!

That’s right it is play off time, and five of our DAWG teams have made it into the first round. NCYFL website has updated results, seedings, times and locations for the first round.

“One Yard at a Time” Raffle Winners

We drew the  Lucky “One yard at a Time Raffle” winners are Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Torseth from Jefferson Elementary.

I would like to thank everyone who supported the Raffle in Honor of the Hanger Family…

My Sincerest Thank You!!  I believe it was a Huge Success!


Janice Rose

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